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Honored To Work With

AUC, Research and Library, Egypt.

Netflix MENA - YouTube

Netflix MENA

Multilingual Connections | GALA Global
Multilingual Connections, USA

Lenovo UAE & ME

Kcal UAE

Dubai London Clinic 


Al Etihad Mall

Marks and Spencer UAE & MENA

IEREK, Academic Research, Publishing, Egypt.

TopShop, Copywriting and Marketing, Egypt.

eMarketingo, Copywriting and Marketing, Egypt.

INMAS, Copywriting and Marketing, Egypt.

TahrirNews, Translating and Journalism, Egypt.
Credo, House Furniture, Kitchen and Sanitaryware, Qatar, GCC.
SAC, Syrian American Medical Care & Hospital, Qatar, GCC.
Mister Pizza, Pizzeria, Qatar, GCC.
Jwahir Optical, Qatar, GCC.
Joury Travel, Traveling, Qatar, GCC.

R&B interior, Qatar, GCC.
Wiki Media, Marketing, Qatar, GCC.
Kol we It-hanna, Restaurant, Qatar, GCC.

Marble Medical Center, Qatar, GCC., Traveling, Qatar, GCC.
Ideal Solutions, E-Solutions, Qatar, GCC.
Auto Fast Services, Car Services, Qatar, GCC.

Palmera, Soft&hard landscape and architecture, Qatar, GCC.

Al Jazeera Medical Center, Qatar, GCC.
Anotnio Ghalib, Auditing and Finance services, Qatar, GCC.

Mega Pols (Kids and Malls), Qatar, GCC.
Highness, Construction and Architecture, Qatar, GCC.
Kids Kingdom, Clothing, Qatar, GCC.
Wasel- Shipping, Qatar, GCC.

Elegancia: Hospitality, & facility management services, Qatar, GCC. 

Stark: Security Services, Qatar, GCC.

-Smart Eye LTD: Telecoms and Information Technology, Iraq.
Bekky Barber, Egypt.

Khattab Barber, Egypt.

Vamer Cosmetics, Egypt. 

Hard & Soft Mobile Academy, Egypt. 

Glory Fitness Gym, Egypt. 
- Bongi application, Qatar, GCC. 
Boston Medical Care, Qatar, GCC.
Orientals For Urban Development- OUD, Real Estate, Egypt.

Master Pieces Leather روائع الجلود, Saudi Arabia, GCC. 

ASSETS, Real Estate Development Co. W.L.L, Qatar, GCC.

- Parrot Marketing Agency, Qatar, GCC. 

- Raha for hiring and recruitment, Qatar, GCC.

- Sarh Al-Sultan for Construction, Qatar, GCC.
Noor Farms for Meat and Trading, Qatar, GCC.

- Islam Hendawy & Partner Chartered Accountants, Qatar, GCC.

- Saydalany Pharmacy, Qatar, GCC.

- Deema Water Company, Qatar, GCC.
Mohazzaboon, Social Awareness, Egypt.

Palm Towers, Real Estate, Qatar, GCC.

Voyk, Barber, Qatar, GCC.

al-Tamiuz Kindergarten, Qatar, GCC.

Zain Dental Center, Qatar, GCC.

Jotun Paints, Qatar, GCC.

InShape Clinic, Egypt.

Al Ezz Real Estate, Qatar, GCC.

TikTok Middle East

Oktub UAE

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company "SEHA"

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